Infant/Toddler Care and Education Certificate Curriculum

Core Courses 18 hours

Supporting Courses 3 hours

Choose one of the following:

  • CDF 501: Prenatal and Infant Development
  • CDF 541: Infant/Toddler Development

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 21 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university undergraduate catalog.

Course Descriptions

CDF 203 Philosophical & Historical Foundations of the EC Professional

(3) I, II. An orientation to the profession: Exploration of the qualities, expectations, & responsibilities of an EC professional. Relationships among early learning standards, history of the profession, interdisciplinary fields, professional organizations, and philosophical approaches. Course is required of all transfer students. Requires 5 hours of field experience.

CDF 235 Child Development: Conception-Eight Years

(3) I, II. Developmental characteristics and theory pertinent to children conception to age eight. Special emphasis on early childhood theoretical frameworks.

CDF 236 Interaction and Guidance

(3) I, II. Overview of guidance strategies in fostering children’s social competency within a group or individually. Adults’ role in various interactions (e.g. parent-child, teacher-child) and resources for working with families/parents (e.g. parent education workshop) will be explored.

CDF 310 Observation and Assessment in ECE

(3), I, II. Prerequisite: CDF 235. Corequisite: CDF 349. Authentic assessment approaches through observation of children in natural environments. Intentional planning and implementation of Developmentally Appropriate Practice in EC settings. Special emphasis on linking assessment to the EC curriculum.

CDF 327S Family Involvement with Young Children

(3) I, II. Prerequisites: CDF 235 or CDF 241 and 244, 236, and 246 or CDF 345 or departmental approval. Study of effective relationships with families. Methods and materials useful in fostering family life education, including adult learning principles. Experiences include implementing family service plans, planning discussion groups, conducting home visits, and parent-teacher conferences. Includes 15 service learning hours.

CDF 405 Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers

(3) I, II. Formerly CDF 344. Prerequisite: Admission to Child and Family Studies or department approval. Corequisite CDF 349. Planning, implementation, and evaluation of developmentally and culturally appropriate environments for infants and toddlers. Emphasis is placed on the caregiver-infant relationship, intentional teaching and curriculum/program assessment, laboratory and field experiences, and environmental adaptations for special needs. Credit will not be awarded for both CDF 344 and 405.