Special Program Requirements

NOTE: These instructions are for students enrolling in the online Child and Family Studies program. For information related to the on-campus program, click here.

Child and Family Studies courses will require interaction with children and/or the elderly. Therefore, a criminal background check and negative TB skin test results are required prior to registering for some classes. Speak with an advisor for details. If you have a record of criminal behavior or positive TB results, you may be required to drop the course(s) and select another major. In addition some courses will require Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).

TB Skin Test 

Criminal Background Check 

Professional Liability Insurance 

TB Skin Test

Your healthcare provider or local health department can perform a TB skin test. The program requires a skin test, and TB screenings cannot be accepted. Negative TB skin test results should be emailed to the EKU Online Child and Family Studies advisor or faxed to 859-622-7837 Attn: EKU Online Child and Family Studies.

What if I already had a TB skin test?

  • If the test is less than 2 years old and will not expire during the semester, you do not need a new one. Submit a copy of that test reading.

Can I just have a TB screening instead of the actual test?

  • TB screenings CANNOT be accepted. Although health departments may tell you that a screening is all you need, the program requires a TB skin test.

How long is the test valid?

  • A negative test is good for 2 years and must not expire at any time during the semester. If you have submitted a copy of a negative test to us previously and do not know if it has expired, please contact us.

What if I'm pregnant and can't take the test?

  • If the test cannot be taken due to pregnancy, a doctor's statement can be accepted.


Criminal Background Check

EKU has partnered with Verified Credentials, Inc. and QualifiedFirst® to help you complete the criminal background check. Click here to review the university’s criminal record policy.

First Time Applicant Code: FFXMY-39696

Update Applicant Code: RTXGP-79372

Click here to begin the Verified Credentials process.

Where do I get this?

  • Clicking the link above will take you to the Verified Credentials website. Enter the codes above to enter the online application and begin the process. Instructions are provided on the site. For additional information or questions, please call Verified Credentials at (800) 938-6090.

What if I have completed this with the EKU College of Education or an EKU Nursing program?

  • We have access to these reports. If the report was completed less than two years ago by Verified Credentials and will not expire during the semester, you do not have to repeat it. However, it is your responsibility to contact us and CONFIRM that your information is still on file.

How much does it cost?

  • There are two types of reports. Initial reports are $48. Once the initial report expires, you can choose to run an updated report for $15. Be careful when selecting the report type. Refunds are NOT available to those who select the incorrect report type. 

How do you know if I have applied for this background check?

  • We have access to your application and report. You do not have to notify this department or upload documents once you receive a confirmation from Verified Credentials.

How long is the report valid?

  • Reports are valid for two years. If you already have a report on file in our department, contact us to make sure it has not expired.

Can I give this report to other people?

  • Absolutely. An online copy is always available within your Verified Credentials QualifiedFirst® account, so you can share it with others such as potential employers. NOTE: If have any problems logging into QualifiedFirst® or sharing your report contact Verified Credentials at 800-938-6090. The EKU Department of Family and Consumer Sciences cannot release copies of your report.

I had a report done somewhere else. Can I use that?

  • No. EKU cannot accept a report completed by any outside agency. Reports must be completed through Verified Credentials specifically for education, nursing or family and consumer sciences programs at Eastern Kentucky University.

What if I have a criminal record?

  • You will be contacted by the department's chair's office through your EKU email. Please check your EKU email often.


Professional Liability Insurance 

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) protects you if there is a claim of real or alleged damage that results from an error in practice during internships, practicums or field work. A fee of $21 will be charged to your EKU account/bill for this coverage when you are taking courses that require it. Your advisor will notify you when your course schedule requires PLI.

How long is PLI valid?

PLI is based on academic year, beginning each Fall semester. 

  • If you register for it in the Fall semester, it is good through the following Spring and Summer semesters.
  • If you register for it in the Spring semester, it is good through the following Summer semester.
  • If you register for it in the Summer semester, it is only good for that semester.